Agisko Balanced Bar 40/30/30 is a natural combination of Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fat for post workout recovery or snack.
The Agisko Drink is formulated to help rehydrate the body before, during and after exercise. Added Mineral Salts to replace essential salts lost during training.
Acidity levels increase during training causing aching muscles and stiffness. Agisko LITHOBASE controls acidity by maintaining the PH balance to the healthy level of 7 - 7.4

Agisko Balanced Bar - 40/30/30 Protein/Carbohydrates/Fat Recovery


The Balanced Bar is a completely natural way to recover and replenish Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats after training or racing. Spirulina contains per gram more protein, calcium, iron, vitamins and anti-inflamatory properties than spinach, milk products and milk derivatives, meat, fruits and vegetables. The overwhelming presence of protein in Spirulina helps in building as well as muscle recovery, and aids in cell and tissue renewal.


The reduction of oxidative damage to the muscles is explained by the absorbtion of spirulina and is highlighted by studies following specific blood indicators. When using Agisko Balanced Bars, performance times in a second workout should increase by up to 55% more than other major supplements.


By recovering better from exercises, sports routines and competitions, the quality of life is improved and you can go further.


The added rice-crispies creates an ideal snack bar. Good for on the go, not only great for recovery!

Agisko Drinks - Added mineral salts, no stomach complications


The Agisko Drink is formulated to help rehydrate the body before, during and after exercise.


The Agisko Drink does not contain Saccharose, Dextrose, Glucose, Artificial colourings, or Preservatives.


The Agisko Drink has added mineral salts to help replace salts lost through the sweating process. These added mineral salts help maintain the body’s balance of sodium and potassium and prevents the onset of muscle cramps.


The sugars which are added, particularly guava juice, help the simulation of the water (H2O) element of the drink, and are not added to provide energy. If the sugar content of a drink is greater than 6% then the sugars will impair the absorption of water through the stomach lining. Therefore, most energy drinks leave athletes feeling bloated and cause stomach complications.

BioEarth LITHOBASE - PH Balance Recovery


During sustained work, the energy-producing mitochondria inside the cells are able to produce as much energy as the muscles need by using the oxygen-based pathway of metabolism. However, if a point is reached when the cells cannot keep up with demand, such as at increased intensity, the body switches over to a system of energy production without the use of oxygen. A byproduct of this metabolism is lactic acid.


The accumulation of lactic acid inside the blood and muscles can cause pain and fatigue.


LITHOBASE returns the body PH level to 7 (ideal 7 - 7.4) to reduce fatigue and muscle pain.