Agisko Nordic - Need for Natural Energy


I got to know the Agisko drink and gel in 2009 already. I had just moved from South Africa where I only used PVM bars (solid, no nuts or seeds), Jelly Babies and water while racing almost each weekend.


In Denmark, there was a huge variety and so I tried all the options available at my local shop. Then I read a magazine where they compared the available brands, and Agisko scored the highest in rating. So I tried it and was immediately sold.


Unfortunately, in 2011 I couldn't find them anymore.


For 7 years I have been trying different brands, most of which were too sweet, or I choked on the bars while riding, had stomache problems after long rides, or I had to take too many too regularly.


So in June 2018 I contacted Agisko, fed up of getting sick or nauseas all the time, and I agreed to return them to Scandinavia. So I dumped my company to concentrate on Agisko only.


The response has been great. People love the performance, the natural taste and the smooth bars. Many have returned with stomache ailments that have disappeared.


The Spirulina makes by far for the best energy bar on the market - protein, vitamins, minerals all on the go. The fat burning gels do exactly what they claim - give energy, longer.


I hope that one day more people will see the benefit of using natural products, especially spirulina which has so much more benefits for athletes than synthetic substitutes.



As far back as 2006, Agisko establish itself as a leader in the field of ALL NATURAL SPORTS NUTRITION.


Together with BioEarth in Italy, Agisko endeavoured to present to the market an entirely natural and nutritional sports energy range of products which would improve performance without the use of artificial flavours or synthetic ingredients, and focus only on natural ingredients. Their products are now used greatly by endurance athletes in cycling, triathlon, ultra-running, hiking and skiing.


The products have remained unchanged since their inception, as adding a range of artificial flavours would alter the natural composition of the ingredients. This in turn would cause a loss in the distinctive endurance capabilities.


Key to Agisko product successes include:



MCT (Medium-Chain Triglyceride) fats

Only natural sugars

Added mineral salts Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium to their Drink


PH balance for increase acidity levels