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Agisko delivers a complete range of natural energy products, focussing on the needs of the dedicated athletes whose bodies are under constant pressure to perform.

No synthetic ingredients are used in the products, therefore absorbed directly into the bloodstream to deliver immediate and lasting energy.

Tested and proven that athletic performance improves when consuming  Agisko bars, gels and drink during physical exertion, with reduced recovery time.


Many supplements are defined as “natural” (because they use nutrients of vegetable or animal origins). These products present the same problems as synthetic food supplements. The formulation behind the process is artificial, which modify the nature of nutrients which no longer delivers the desired effect.


Recovery bars help stop hunger, reduce blood pressure and fatigue, while improving digestion, helping with weight loss, removing toxins, balancing blood sugar, and rebuilding the immune system. It helps to flush out waste products and toxins produced during exercising.


Health and wellbeing is important not only to athletes, but everyone. Spirulina is a popular nutritional supplement that is accompanied by antioxidant and performance-enhancing effects. Besides sports performance, Spirulina is well know for its anti-inflamatory properties, fat burning, cholestrol regulation, and even research into reducing Cancer.



“Endurance is not gained from lighter equipment, sleeker kit or more expensive components. Athletes must deliver to their bodies the ultimate in nutrition to improve their performance. Only completely natural and proven products can deliver the best results. ”


Johann Longwitz

(Agisko North Europe)

Team Agisko Denmark :


Morten Christensen - Cycling

Simon Grimstrup - Ultra Trail Running and Coach

Dannie Lindved Mortensen - Ultra Trail Running

Trine Brask - Ironman

Mikkel Tofte Haagerup - Triathlon


Cape Epic 2019

Team iloveboobies powered by Agisko

Søren Lind Wenck

Palle Egeberg Jensen


In support of Breast Cancer Screening fund  - #iloveboobies foundation


#NaturalSportEnergy #FeedYourDreams



In order to perform above and beyond expected potential, sportspeople and those engaged in rigorous physical activities, need a nutrient rich diet with a variety of powerful supplements, which regular diets alone do not provide. Spirulina is a natural support that has everything needed, and so much more! It contains a wide range of vitamins, minerals as well as natural antioxidants which increase immunity and keeps athletes going through the tough times of training and races.



Their "No other Energy Gel tastes better or works as well" rang true on first try, at least for taste. Not bad at all! What's more, I began to realise it does the job too. I had Agisko Hydration Drink in my bottles and Agisko Gel in my "sports Flask" and everything worked together perfectly. The gel, although tasty (relatively speaking) does pack a punch as it hits the back of your throat but I got used to that, and the fact that it was in a little bottle was really good when I needed something quick when the speed was up. One serving then back in the jersey pocket. So simple. So clean. So quick.



"Som Triatlet, med Ironman som favorit distancen, træner jeg rigtig mange timer om ugen. Det er derfor vigtigt for mig, at jeg indtager et energiprodukt som jeg kan stole på.


Da det ofte har været et problem for mig at få indtaget den rette mængde energi, og jeg ikke har kunne forene mig med den syntetiske smag, som jeg har oplevet i andre produkter, har jeg fundet frem til Agisko."