Breast Cancer Fund

To raise funds in support of breast cancer foundations, Agisko Denmark will donate income generated from the sales of Spiruviva and +Ferro tablets which are both Spirulina base. Please send information on any Breast Cancer Foundation you feel would benefit.

Spirulina and cancer reducing properties


As an antioxidant, Spirulina algae can kill free radicals. This will stop oxidative stress from damaging your cells and DNA.


Even if cancer develops, Spirulina’s phytochemicals can slow down tumour growth and stop cancer cells from spreading. It can even increase the activity of macrophages and antibodies, helping the immune system flourish.


This immunity boost will be able to resist inflammation and therefore, decrease cancer development.

Team iloveboobies powered by Agisko


Søren Lind Wenck (2018):


Solo Finisher Cape Epic South Africa 2018

Solo Finisher The Pioneer New Zealand (fastest time final stage H50)


3rd DM in XCO MTB H50


Palle Egeberg Jensen (2018):


Danish Champion  in Cyclecross H50

Danish Champion in XCM MTB H50

Danish Champion in XCO MTB H50

World Champion XCO MTB H50 


Nr. 6. in European Championship in Cyclocross, Netherlands November 2018,

nr. 7 in the World Championship in Cyclocross, Belgium December 2018



#iloveboobies Foundation


ILoveBoobies is a non-profit company and public benefit organization that raises funds to give rural South Africa access to mobile health screening clinics across social, physical and economic barriers.


ILoveBoobies serves communities that face social, physical and economic barriers that restrict them from healthcare. We believe that everyone has a right to healthcare and early detection examinations.


ILoveBoobies raises funds by receiving donations and selling sports fashion apparel. Our joint venture fund raising programme with Cancer Association of South Africa sends Mobile Health Screening Clinics into the remote areas of South Africa.


The program includes:


* Increasing geographic access to medical care

* Increasing the number of women screened for Breast Cancer in South Africa

* Educating women about the benefits of living a healthy life

* Demonstrating self- breast examinations